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    20 MUST HAVE Products for Chicken Keepers

    In this article you will find the TOP 20 MUST HAVE Products for Chicken Keepers. I have personally used all of these products and highly recommend them for anyone with a flock of backyard chickens. DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. #1 Brinsea Incubator This little incubator is a rockstar. I have had 100% hatch rates every time I use it. I order hatching eggs from My Pet Chicken and my kids and I have an educational home hatch. Excellent remote learning/homeschooling activity! #2 Brinsea Egg Candler…

  • chicken feed storage

    Chicken Feed Storage

    Rodents can be an issue in chicken coops. They are attracted to the chicken feed. Chicken feed can also attract larger predators — in our area Black Bears. It’s important to have a dry, rodent proof/predator proof Chicken Feed Storage container but I also wanted it to look nice.  So I came up with this: The metal trash can is completely rodent proof but I’ve read it can leach metals into the chicken feed so the plastic trash can serves as a liner. I keep this inside my chicken coop so it stays completely dry and protected from the elements. Chicken Feed Storage project only requires 3 supplies: 20 gal…

  • automatic chicken feeder

    Automatic Chicken Feeder

    Making this Automatic Chicken Feeder was overall a very easy project and required only a few supplies.  Once you find the supplies assembly should take less than an hour.  The large feeders hold about 12 cups of feed and the smaller feeders I use for oyster shell and grit. To make a large feeder you need: 1 4in PVC Wye fitting 1 4in PVC pipe about 24in long 1 4in PVC pipe about 6 in long 1 4in PVC cap fitting 1 4in knock-out or separator piece PVC primer and cement   Steps to making an Automatic Chicken Feeder: 1.  Lay all the pieces out in the order shown 2.  Cement…