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So you want to be a backyard chicken keeper?  Welcome!  You’ve come to the right place!  See below excerpt from my new e-course: Chicken Keeping Basics | How to Get Started Raising Backyard Chickens.

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My e-course: Chicken Keeping Basics will teach you everything a beginner should know. Set up for success with practical lessons on every stage of keeping backyard chickens. New to raising chickens?

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My name is Rebecca and I’ve been a backyard chicken keeper for 9 years.  I have had many chickens over that time and have lots of experience to share.  Our chickens are more like pets to us; pets with a purpose. They all have names (most named after Downton Abbey characters!) and they all have personalities that charm and surprise us. I had another chicken keeper tell me NEVER to names the chickens because my kids will get attached to them and chickens die all the time. Well, I would never have decided to get chickens if my intention was to be careless and let my chickens die all the time!

It’s pretty easy to keep a chicken alive. Provide them with fresh water, food, and a SAFE place to live.  I go out every night and tuck my girls in. I lock them up safe and sound in their fortress so night predators don’t have a chance. Our chickens truly make our house feel like a home.  I’m so excited to share my knowledge and excitement with you!

The benefits of keeping chickens are endless.  Below I will discuss of few of the major reasons to consider raising backyard chickens.


There is nothing like a fresh egg!  They taste to much better than store bought and are much fresher.  Store bought eggs can be several weeks to several months old when we purchase them.  There is also something comforting in knowing exactly where the eggs came from.  What the chickens were fed and how they are raised.  Free ranging chickens have bright yolks and are packed with vitamins and minerals.  They really are nature’s perfect food!  When I get home late from work and there’s no time to make dinner I know we always have eggs!


Chickens truly add so much to our yard.  Without them our yard wouldn’t feel nearly as vibrant and alive.  Chickens are quirky and each one has a full set of personality traits.  Some are sweet and shy, some are grumpy, and some are very outgoing and seek attention.  It’s so fun to get to know your chickens.  My girls all have names and a few even know their names and will come when called!  Chickens are beautiful and are certain to keep you and your family entertained.


Chickens are fabulous at keeping the insect population in your yard in check.  They are excellent foragers and if you let them free range they will happily get their protein by eating ticks and mosquitos.  So you get an insect controlled yard without using harsh chemicals and they get to do their favorite thing — scratch in the dirt! 

(Be aware if you let them free range often your garden beds will not look perfect.  They are destructive monsters and can and will destroy a flower bed in 3 minutes.  More about how to manage this in the last chapter)


If you enjoy composting the chicken manure is a great addition!  Just make sure to follow composting guidelines before adding it to vegetable/fruit/herb gardens.


Chickens are the EASIEST pet!  In this course I will teach how to automate many of your chicken chores so raising chickens will hardly take any time. If you travel a lot chickens are very easy to set and forget for a few days.  For example, when we leave for a week long vacation I have someone check on them once in the middle of the week.  For a long weekend they are totally fine!  They also live outdoors so you never have to worry about messes and smells in the house.  Certain breeds are extremely kid friendly and will be happy to be fed, pet, and hugged by children.

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