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    How to Grow Chicken Grass Window Boxes: My chickens favorite treat!

    Growing chicken grass in window boxes for your chickens is super easy and a very healthy treat for them. See below for step by step instructions on how to grow chicken grass for your flock. Follow me! Rebecca Beauchemin Step 1: Build a shelf for your chicken grass window boxes Many animals around your coop will be attracted to the seeds and will dig in the window boxes. Including your chickens if they free range. Keeping them on the ground will not work! I have had much better luck keeping them on a shelf. Use shelf brackets like this: and 2×6 boards. Paint them with exterior paint and screw into place.…

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    20 MUST HAVE Products for Chicken Keepers

    In this article you will find the TOP 20 MUST HAVE Products for Chicken Keepers. I have personally used all of these products and highly recommend them for anyone with a flock of backyard chickens. DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. #1 Brinsea Incubator This little incubator is a rockstar. I have had 100% hatch rates every time I use it. I order hatching eggs from My Pet Chicken and my kids and I have an educational home hatch. Excellent remote learning/homeschooling activity! #2 Brinsea Egg Candler…

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    Chicken Checklist, FREE download

    Are you a new chicken keeper and not sure where to start? I got you! Sign up below for instant access!! FREE checklist to help you prepare for your first flock of baby chicks! The checklist is broken down into timeframes so you know exactly what you need when. A MUST have for new chicken keepers! Also, be sure to check out my other articles with instructions on how to: Build an Automatic Chicken Feeder Build a DIY Chick Brooder Build a Chicken Feed Storage Container The research about baby chicks can be overwhelming! Use my chicken checklist for a simpler setup. end post: Rebecca Beauchemin

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    3 Steps to Prepare for Your First Baby Chicks

    Please enjoy this simple checklist: 3 steps to prepare for your first baby chicks. #1, Chicks Need a Brooder The first thing you need is a safe Brooder. Check out my post for a step by step tutorial. DIY Chick Brooder #2, Chicks Need a Heat Source Baby chicks need warmth. I am a firm opponent of heat lamps. There are countless cases of fires due to heat lamps. Instead I highly recommend the Brinsea Ecoglow Brooder #3, Chicks Need Clean Food and Water Baby chicks are messy! They poop a lot. They walk in their food and water constantly. Setting them up with clean food and water is important.…

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    Hawk attack!

    We have many predators in our area including fox, coyote, racoons, and even the occasional bear.  But we have never had any issues with them interacting with our chickens until 2 days ago. The attack: Last Saturday was my sons 6th birthday party and as the festivities died down it happened.  A red-tailed hawk attacked our chickens.  My husband and sister-in-law were standing 5 feet from where the attack took place.  They scared the hawk away and they both started picking up chickens and running back to the coop.  I ran outside and grabbed two chickens that had taken shelter near the back door.  As I ran through the yard…

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    Breakfast for Chickens

    December came, the days got shorter and my hens all stopped laying!  It happened overnight and I was horrified that I would have to buy STORE BOUGHT eggs.  Luckily my superstars — Sybil and Rosie — continued to lay.  But I was lucky to get one egg a day which would not do!  Every morning I eat two so  I decided I had to do something.  I did 2 very simple things and it’s February 4th and I collected 6 eggs today!  All it took was Breakfast for Chickens and supplemental light! #1, I provided them a bit of supplemental light in the morning.  I use a Christmas light tube…

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    Chicken Breeds & Egg Color

    There’s a lot to research as a new chicken keeper.  Chicken breeds and egg color will be discussed below. When I chose the breeds of chicken that I wanted to raise many factors came into play.  My top priorities: Cold/winter tolerant Temperament and friendliness Rate of egg laying (at least 4-5/wk) Egg color (I wanted a colorful egg basket) It was also important they all look different so my kids could tell them apart easily. Our chickens are more like pets to us; pets with a purpose. They all have names (most named after Downton Abbey characters!) and they all have personalities that charm and surprise us. I had another…

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    DIY Chick Brooder

    See below step by step instructions on how to build a cat proof DIY Chick Brooder for your baby chicks.  Please also see my post for 20 MUST HAVE Products for Chicken Keepers Baby Chicks need 3 things: #1 A Safe Place to Live In preparation for my first flock of chicks I built this DIY chick brooder.  I had no idea what to expect or how fast my chicks would grow but this was quite sufficient for the first 3 weeks.  I searched for the largest tote I could find and settled on a Rubbermaid 50 gal tote.  First step was to cut the middle section out of the…

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    Chickens & Winter

    Chickens don’t love the snow. They tolerate the cold well but the snow turns them off.  They don’t like to walk in it.  This was the first snow my chickens ever saw.  They stayed on the only grassy area they could find under the big pine tree.  Of course every winter its the same — they don’t leave the coop if there’s even a dusting of snow.  Continue reading about Chickens & Winter below. Winter Modifications to the Coop Typical winter modifications to the coop and run are easy — I wrapped half of the run in plastic and added a bucket de-icer to their bucket waterer.  The bucket heater…

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    Chicken Feed Storage

    Rodents can be an issue in chicken coops. They are attracted to the chicken feed. Chicken feed can also attract larger predators — in our area Black Bears. It’s important to have a dry, rodent proof/predator proof Chicken Feed Storage container but I also wanted it to look nice.  So I came up with this: The metal trash can is completely rodent proof but I’ve read it can leach metals into the chicken feed so the plastic trash can serves as a liner. I keep this inside my chicken coop so it stays completely dry and protected from the elements. Chicken Feed Storage project only requires 3 supplies: 20 gal…