Breakfast for Chickens

breakfast for chickens

December came, the days got shorter and my hens all stopped laying!  It happened overnight and I was horrified that I would have to buy STORE BOUGHT eggs.  Luckily my superstars -- Sybil and Rosie -- continued to lay.  But I was lucky to get one egg a day which would not do!  Every morning … Continue reading Breakfast for Chickens

Chicken Breeds & Egg Color

chicken breeds, egg color

There's a lot to research as a new chicken keeper.  Chicken breeds and egg color will be discussed below. When I chose the breeds of chicken that I wanted to raise many factors came into play.  My top priorities: Cold/winter tolerant Temperament and friendliness Rate of egg laying (at least 4-5/wk) Egg color (I wanted … Continue reading Chicken Breeds & Egg Color

Yellow Front Door

yellow front door

One day I was bored and home with a sick child so I decided to paint the exterior doors the same color as the chicken coop -- Egg Yolk yellow!  I started on the back door in case it went terribly wrong.  A yellow front door and side door would follow.  The doors were a … Continue reading Yellow Front Door

Big Ruler Height Chart

big ruler height chart, measuring stick, growth chart

Like most moms, I feel like my kids are growing up too fast.  The days are long but the years are short.  I wanted a keepsake that would show their growth.  I pictured them showing it to their kids when they visit Grammy & Grandpa's house someday.  This Big Ruler Height chart came out so … Continue reading Big Ruler Height Chart

Rosemary & Mint Soy Candle

Rosemary & Mint Soy candle

Summer was over and the fall air set in.  I decided it was time to harvest the leftover herbs for winter meals and projects.  I had a lot more Rosemary and Mint than I would ever use in cooking so I decided to make Rosemary & Mint Soy candle for Christmas presents.  These would make … Continue reading Rosemary & Mint Soy Candle