DIY Chick Brooder

In preparation for my first flock of chicks I built this brooder.  I had no idea what to expect or how fast they would grow but this was quite sufficient for the first 3 weeks.  I searched for the largest tote I could find and settled on a Rubbermaid 54 gal tote.  I cut the … Continue reading DIY Chick Brooder

Chickens & Winter

My chickens don't love the snow.  They tolerate the cold rather well but the snow turns them off.  They don't like to walk in it at all.  This was the first snow they ever saw and not one set foot in it.  They stayed on the only grassy area that was left under the big … Continue reading Chickens & Winter

Chicken Feed Storage

It's important to have a dry, rodent proof storage container to store chicken feed but I also wanted it to look nice.  So I came up with this: The metal trash can is completely rodent proof but I've read it can leach metals into the chicken feed so the plastic trash can serves as a … Continue reading Chicken Feed Storage

60th Birthday Party

This was a party I planned for my Mother's 60th birthday. I used lime green and turquoise scrapbook paper as my inspiration. I copied old photographs of my Mother to personalize the cake and flower arrangements. Etsy ( is fabulous for finding unique downloadable scrapbook paper. You can use it in so many ways and … Continue reading 60th Birthday Party

Max & Ruby Birthday Party

My 3 year old LOVES Max & Ruby. It's his favorite, so of course I had to give him a Bunny Party when he turned 3. There is only one company who is licensed to sell Max & Ruby party supplies ( and the selection is limited, pricey, and too generic for me. I made … Continue reading Max & Ruby Birthday Party

Automatic Chicken Feeder

This was overall a very easy project and required only a few supplies.  Once you find the supplies assembly should take less than an hour.  The large feeders hold about 12 cups of feed and the smaller feeders I use for oyster shell and grit. The entire feeder is made out of pvc.  To make … Continue reading Automatic Chicken Feeder

Coop Construction

Our chicken coop began its life as an old, sad, playhouse that we considered demolishing several times.  When we decided to get chickens I began researching coop construction and fell in love with the idea of having an adorable and functional space for my flock.  Most of the pre-fab coops you can buy online are … Continue reading Coop Construction