automatic chicken feeder

Automatic Chicken Feeder

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Making this Automatic Chicken Feeder was overall a very easy project and required only a few supplies.  Once you find the supplies assembly should take less than an hour.  The large feeders hold about 12 cups of feed and the smaller feeders I use for oyster shell and grit.

To make a large feeder you need:

Steps to making an Automatic Chicken Feeder:

1.  Lay all the pieces out in the order shown

2.  Cement the 6in pipe into the bottom of the Wye fitting

3.  Cement the knock-out piece into the Wye fitting (see pics below)

4.  Cement the pipe into the Wye on top of the knock-out (see pics below)

5.  Place (don’t cement) the top cap on.  This is how you fill the feeder so you don’t want to cement it into place.

The pictures below show a separator piece (called a knock out) that I put in so the food wouldn’t get trapped in the bottom section of the feeder and become moldy.

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