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How to Grow Chicken Grass Window Boxes: My chickens favorite treat!

Growing chicken grass in window boxes for your chickens is super easy and a very healthy treat for them. See below for step by step instructions on how to grow chicken grass for your flock.

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Step 1: Build a shelf for your chicken grass window boxes

Many animals around your coop will be attracted to the seeds and will dig in the window boxes. Including your chickens if they free range. Keeping them on the ground will not work! I have had much better luck keeping them on a shelf. Use shelf brackets like this:

and 2×6 boards. Paint them with exterior paint and screw into place.

Step 2: Plant the seeds in the window boxes

Get some plastic window boxes like these:

and chicken forage seed like this:

Once you have your supplies its time to plant!

  • Fill the boxes 2/3 of the way with regular potting soil (best if its organic and make sure it doesn’t have any fertilizer or chemicals like miracle gro. Your chickens will eat the dirt!)
  • Sprinkle the seeds densely. Make sure you spread all the way to the edges.
  • Add another 1 inch layer of soil and you’re done!

Step 3: Water and wait

In 7-10 days your window boxes will look like this! TIP! Once your chickens eat the grass, put the box back up on the shelf and water. It may grow back without having to replant the seeds. If you leave it in the coop too long the chickens will definitely dump it and you will have to start all over!

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