chicken feed storage

Chicken Feed Storage

Rodents can be an issue in chicken coops. They are attracted to the chicken feed. Chicken feed can also attract larger predators — in our area Black Bears. It’s important to have a dry, rodent proof/predator proof Chicken Feed Storage container but I also wanted it to look nice.  So I came up with this:2014-03-27 15.47.19

The metal trash can is completely rodent proof but I’ve read it can leach metals into the chicken feed so the plastic trash can serves as a liner. I keep this inside my chicken coop so it stays completely dry and protected from the elements.

Chicken Feed Storage project only requires 3 supplies:

  • 20 gal plastic trash can
  • 31 gal metal trash can.
  • heavy duty scissors
2014-03-27 15.43.21

I had to cut the handles off the plastic trash can so it would fit inside the metal trash can.  The heavy duty scissors were key! The double lid keeps the food fresh.  It holds two 50lb bags of feed. I use a plastic folgers coffee container as a scoop. To see my automatic chicken feeder DIY click here: Automatic Chicken Feeder

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