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Breakfast for Chickens | Decrease in Egg Production

December came, the days got shorter and my hens all stopped laying!  It happened overnight and I was horrified that I would have to buy STORE BOUGHT eggs.  Luckily my superstars — Sybil and Rosie — continued to lay.  But I was lucky to get one egg a day which would not do!  Every morning I eat two so  I decided I had to do something.  I did 2 very simple things and it’s February 4th and I collected 6 eggs today!  All it took was Breakfast for Chickens and supplemental light!

#1, I provided them a bit of supplemental light in the morning.  I use a Christmas light tube in their coop with a timer.  It comes on at 5am and goes off at 7am.  It’s just enough to get them up and going at the normal time they would get up in the summer.  Chickens don’t lay well if they get less than 12 hours of daylight.

#2, I increased their protein by making them a Breakfast for chickens. Oatmeal mixed with Omega Fields, Omega Ultra Egg every morning.  Omega Egg has 18% protein where their layer feed only has 16% protein.  It’s not much but I believe this has been helpful in getting them laying again.  Sometimes I mix in leftover fruit or veggies we have or their favorite treat raisins!  They love getting a warm breakfast on cold mornings.

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