Breakfast for Chickens

December came, the days got shorter and my hens all stopped laying!  It happened overnight and I was horrified that I would have to buy STORE BOUGHT eggs.  Luckily my superstars — Cybil and Rosie — continued to lay.  But I was lucky to get one egg a day which would not do!  I eat two myself for breakfast almost every day.  I decided I had to do something.  I did 2 very simple things and it’s February 4th and I collected 6 eggs today!

#1, I provided them a bit of supplemental light in the morning.  I hung a Christmas light tube in their coop with a timer.  It comes on at 5am and goes off at 7am.  It’s just enough to get them up and going at the normal time they would get up in the summer.

#2, I increased their protein by giving them oatmeal mixed with Omega Fields, Omega Ultra Egg every morning.  Omega Egg has 18% protein where their layer feed only has 16% protein.  It’s not much but I believe this has been helpful in getting them laying again.

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