Rosemary & Mint Soy Candle

Rosemary & Mint Soy candle

Summer was over and the fall air set in.  I decided it was time to harvest the leftover herbs for winter meals and projects.  I had a lot more Rosemary and Mint than I would ever use in cooking so I decided to make Rosemary & Mint Soy candle for Christmas presents.  These would make a great housewarming or hostess gift too!

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VERY easy project!  For one Rosemary & Mint Soy candle you will need:

    First you will need to prepare your jar.  I used a dot of hot glue to secure the wick in the jar.  Then you need to devise something to keep the wick upright and in the center of your jar while the wax cools.  I used bamboo skewers and elastic bands.

    You can melt the soy flakes in a regular pot or you can invest in a metal candle pot.  I bought the candle pot since it has a great spout for pouring hot wax.  But either will work.  Once the wax is melted into a clear consistency stir in the herbs and essential oil.  Pour into the jar and adjust the wick as it cools.  Once the wax is cool (several hours later) you can trim the wick to half an inch long.  Decorate the jar as you like and you’re done!  Enjoy your Rosemary & Mint Soy candle!

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