3 Steps to Prepare for Your First Baby Chicks

Please enjoy this simple checklist: 3 steps to prepare for your first baby chicks.

#1, Chicks Need a Brooder

The first thing you need is a safe Brooder. Check out my post for a step by step tutorial. DIY Chick Brooder

#2, Chicks Need a Heat Source

Baby chicks need warmth. I am a firm opponent of heat lamps. There are countless cases of fires due to heat lamps. Instead I highly recommend the Brinsea Ecoglow Brooder

#3, Chicks Need Clean Food and Water

Baby chicks are messy! They poop a lot. They walk in their food and water constantly. Setting them up with clean food and water is important. I recommend these Poultry Nipples and an Upright Chick Feeder

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